Nursing Care Plans

Nursing Care Plans guide for the 2009 – 2011 NANDA International-approved nursing diagnoses. These nursing diagnoses are arranged according to concepts.

1. ACTIVITY/REST—Ability to engage in necessary/desired activities of life (work and leisure) and to obtain adequate sleep/rest

2. CIRCULATION—Ability to transport oxygen and nutrients necessary to meet cellular needs

3. EGO INTEGRITY—Ability to develop and use skills and behaviors to integrate and manage life experiences

4. ELIMINATION—Ability to excrete waste products

5. FOOD/FLUID—Ability to maintain intake of and utilize nutrients and liquids to meet physiological needs

6. HYGIENE—Ability to perform activities of daily living

7. NEUROSENSORY—Ability to perceive, integrate, and respond to internal and external cues

8. PAIN/DISCOMFORT—Ability to control internal/external environment to maintain comfort

9. RESPIRATION—Ability to provide and use oxygen to meet physiological needs (to be added soon)

10. SAFETY—Ability to provide safe, growth-promoting environment (to be added soon)

11. SEXUALITY—[Component of Ego Integrity and Social Interaction] Ability to meet requirements/characteristics of male/female role (to be added soon)

12. SOCIAL INTERACTION—Ability to establish and maintain relationships (to be added soon)

13. TEACHING/LEARNING—Ability to incorporate and use information to achieve healthy lifestyle/optimal wellness (to be added soon)

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