BON Course Syllabus for Community Health Nursing

Board of Nursing (BON)
Community Health Nursing and Communicable Disease Nursing
Course Syllabus

I. Description
This course deals with health programs, services and strategies of the Department of Health; concepts, philosophy, goals and objectives of Community Health Nursing; and the basic roles, functions and responsibilities of the community health nurse. It also includes care of clients with non-communicable
and communicable diseases.

II. Terminal Competencies
1. Utilizes the the nursing process in the care of individuals, families and communities.
2. Utilizes leadership and management process as an important tool of the health care provider in varied health care settings.
3. Communicates effectively with clients, families, communities and other members of health care.
4. Conducts research and uses research findings to improve health care in the community.
5. Demonstrates appropriate attitudes/behaviors as a model health professional.
6. Implements the concepts, principles and values of primary health care as health care provider.
7. Participates in the implementation of DOH health programs, services and strategies.
8. Participates in activities related to the prevention and control of communicable diseases.
9. Assumes responsibility for personal and professional development.

III. Content Outline
1. The Philippine Health Care Delivery System
A. National Health Plan
B. Health scenarios

2. Legislations affecting Community Health Nursing Practice
A. Laws
B. Executive orders and letters of instructions
C. DOH Circulars/Memoranda

3. Primary Health Care
A. Definition
B. Conceptual framework
C. Essential elements
D. Types of PHC workers

4. Health Programs, Services and Strategies
A. Maternal and child health
B. Nutrition
C. Dental hygience
D. Environmental sanitation
E. Vital and health statistics
F. Occupational health
G. Health education

5. Care of Older Persons
A. Needs of older persons Issues and concerns
C. Common diseases affecting older persons
D. Nursing functions and responsibilities

6. Community Health Nursing
A. Definition and concepts
B. Philosophy, goals and objectives
C. Principles and process
D. Levels of care

7. Roles, Functions and Responsibilities of the Community Health Nurse
A. Nursing process
B. Nursing procedures
C. Nursing management
D. Nursing research
E. Personal and professional development

8. Nursing Care of clients with communicable diseases
A. General principles and techniques
B. Epidemiology
C. Prevention and control
D. Nursing functions and responsibilities

9. Nursing Care of clients with Non-Communicable Diseases
A. Prevalence
B. Risk Factors
C. Prevention and control
D. Nursing functions and responsibilities

10. Research in Community Health Nursing
A. Applied research
B. Utilization of research findings
C. Records and reports Field Health Services and Information System

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